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This special issue of 207 pages is a full coloured introduction and immersion into the Fortress of Madam Yo E-Comic. Imagine to be a new slave entering into the walls of that den of total slavery and undergo the wrost humiliations, punishment and  life conditions 
(Disponible en Français) 


By Laurent Lebeau 
Full Illustrated Story

a special agency managed by a certain Madam Kim, sells and rents slaves to dominatrixes and receives a new freshly registered recruit. this boy will be sold to a beautiful and cruel lady named Princess Nana to become a slave in her big house. Life won't be easy for this slave, especially since he won't have to serve just one lady... but two.

(Disponible en Français)


By Black Velvet
Short illustrated story

The Picked heart is a story of paul, a young man whi is sent by his Mistress to a prestigeous resort-Dungeon specialized in Femdom Relationships in central Europe, to be trained as submissive under the rules and whims of the ladies who act as dominatrixes there. The torments and humiliations he will suffer will determine his "granduation" to be accepted as a personal slave of his Mistress. 

Full illustrated story essay 25 pages.


The Best Of Laurent Lebeau Art 2
Illustrations book
260 pages of pure Femdom

Sometime the image talk better than words! to celebrate the 40 years career of Laurent Lebeau, this is a compilation on many illustrations made for stories, novels and comic during all those years! More than 3000 drawings and comics! Some of you will recognize many characters used on E-books and comic books as for The Fortress of Madam Yo, The little theater of the whippers ladies or again Extrem Rushes! Many aspects of the pure femdom BDSM are depicted on that book as well as ABDL disciplines, sissification and many more. Open that generous gallery of the best illustrations realized by Laurent Lebeau 

Disponible en Français) 


"The Fortress of Madam Yo"
 Volume 3 
New release coming soon!!!


Follow the story of the most cruel Woman

you ever seen and who leads the hardest prison where prisoners are totally enslaved!

(Disponible aussi en Français) 



After the success of Gynarchy illustration book, dare to enter in this new one
with photoshop retouched artworks and put a step in a total Femdom Supremacy slavery
(Disponible aussi en Français) 


(Rush Extrême en V.F)

This 170 pages novel is a pure immersion into the world of femdom video. Come to discover this story as you were this slave who will experience his submission and devotion in front (and behind) the camera  with several cruel mistresses for a full week! This E-book is generously illustrated and needed near 3 months of work between the writing and the artworks! 

Disponible en Français 


ONLY 9,95€


Pot pourri of 4 exctacts from the full E-Books for the newbies who would like to discover our publication 

       Disponible en Français pour les nouveaux qui voudraient découvrir notre publication 



"Worship the Goddess"
Featuring Ms Charlyn and her two slaves This first video essay
is a medley of several shots taken during sessions which involve
boot worship, slavery, hard punishments, sissification and servitude
30 minutes of pure BDSM and femdom 


 The little Theater of the Whipper Ladies

This 140 pages full illustrated novel features two young dominatrix who make  Discipline performances in some BDSM clubs. They will hire a new submale to do their shows. Mostly oriented on forced age regression and discipline, it also imply some good BDSM practices and humiliations. Come to meet Miss Lisa and MissHanna in this little theater. This book is richly illustrated and for sure you will be amazed! 


When Mistress Nikki...

 This is the all new E-Book signed Laurent Lebeau which is without doubt the best work of the author and this time, that full illustrated novel is featuring one of the most beautiful Asian Mistresses you should meet in person: Mistress Nikki from Bangkok. The author personally knows her and she becomes a true muse, a full inspiring dominatrix. You should not miss that E-book at all 

A French edition is also available Under the title of "Quand Maîtresse Nikki…". This stunning Pro Domme given herself to the game by the inspiration she brought, her intensive photo collection she has allowed us to publish, chosen the book cover, she participated to the creation of that novel somehow. Frankly, if you would love to meet and serve her in person, we can only to suggest you to have a wonderful experience by  devoting and submitting to her.   info at:



Second Opus of the Half European/Manga style fictional Comic book
with a true story of that cruel Madam Yo, owner of that special fortress! This one is a true immersion into the Fortress where Tadao (Slave 3825) is starting his stay and must enduring the cruelty of those really sadistic women!!! 


 Pot pourri of 7 different full illustrated stories about corporal punishement. All naughty boys or slaves who disobey and misbehave know how can be cruel and merciless their Mistresses. Different situations are depicted in that book!
 This book includes:

- A visit at HeadMistress'office: A naughty boy is appointed by the HeadMistress in her office to get strictly punished. 
- Entrechat: In a dungeon, a submale is going for a session, the thing he does not know… The Mistress is a classical ballet teacher! 
- Strict Discipline of Superfootball player Jack - This so funny story will prove you how women can be really rude with men! Jack is an arrogant superfootball player and he strongly dreams to get in his bed, the most pretty CheerLeader girls of his team. He has published some degrading sexual comments about her in the university journal and the revenge of that girl will be really burning for jack's Bottom! It is turned as a comedy!  
- Punished for the pleasure : (Featuring Mistress Asmondena) Mistress Asmondena is a well known german dominatrix. In that story, she leads a special BDSM and discipline week-end and two  naughty submales are sent to her for strict punishment.
- Welcome to Thai Domina's Heaven: (based on a real session the author lived with real dominatrix.
- The Punishment of Karl: This submale named Karl is so disobedient and her Mistress will offer the hardest punishment of his life! 
- The Ultimate Test: Comic: bonus published in one of our Bottom Up Magazine issue… A slave must endure the whipping test to be accepted, yes or not, by the Mistress he would like to serve permanently. 

Nota bene:
Due to an oldest page editing of that E-Book we will only
send full package as Jpeg by wetransfer

Part 1 
This longtime projected full illustrated story is now out from the storage and released as 150 pages PDF E-book! An american slave, owned by a lifetstyle Mistress recieved a well amazing present for his birthday and his slave loyalties! A trip to Japan to experience a full Week slavery in a female supremacy house. He will meet stunning and very cruel Japanese Mistresses for who he will devote with a lot of humiliation and pain! 

In Fuji's Lair! Don't believe you will be for vacation! You will work hard and endure a lot of pain! This first part, you will see that submale living is slavery with the most cruel dominatrix he has never met! Mistress Sakura! Each chapter is a full day and 4 of them will be strongly illustated and described! 
Welcome in slavery in the full traditional Japanese BDSM


Year 2035, Madam Yo is a Professional dominatrix who created a large dungeon few years ago and she got an incredible power once the government let her to build a huge fortess where all sexual criminals from all over the World are jailed. However, The fortress is not a simple prison! It's a place where all the men are jailed and reduced to the rank of inferior… We mean  real slave! But one thing…
Madam Yo get their lifes between her hands and if you are incarcerated yourself! It's better to obey and surrender!
The story starts when that fatale beauty is in interview with a  little bit to curious TV reporter …

                          COMMANDEZ VERSION FRANCAISE ICI 


A new way for the artist Laurent Lebeau to display his hundreds sketches with nice background and a subtle game of shades done with Photoshop! This 160 pages book is a total immersion into Gynarchy and femdom supremacy all good slaves whould love to live! This book has ben a pure inspiration of the real OWK place which did not hesitate to sponsor and support Laurent's book! 


Purchase here 


Slave Allan is sent in Slovakia in a private property where women rule! His wife and Mistress owner sent him to start a real initiation for pure slavery and he will meet the cruellest Mistresses for sure you never met! This book is 140 pages with the entire comic strip 

This awesome E-book features a good 80 FemDom Artworks by Laurent Lebeau. Each scene is like you were that slave, that sissy or submissive and watching your Mistress in a subtle counter-diving and with a game of mirror. All drawings are made into a black, white grey shades with a point of red 
                                Special offer!!! E-BOOK19€ 

                               Adult Graphic novel E-BOOK featuring 3 Femdom stories                                             E-BOOK 10€         
Full short Illustrated story 
A Mistress just get her new personal slave to serve her. As she wants to collar him, there is a special institute where he will be brought and get prepared for his new life 
E-BOOK €15

This Artbook is a celebration of more than 20 years the artis Laurent lebeau devoted to Female Dominance, find on this large and generous book more than hundred illustrations 
                                                                E-book €25

Special Age Play book featuring 3 full illustrated stories by Laurent Lebeau. Welcome into a world of forced ABDL games where Nannies and Mistresses are strict 
                                                               E-BOOK 9€
 Interview in Red Castle is an introduction to the permanent graphic novel you can find on each issue of Bottom Up Magazine. A magazine reporter is invited to interviewing all the Mistresses of this pure gynarchic institute inspired of OWK where the artist Laurent Lebeau  has frequently showed his work
                                                          E-BOOK €15

This illustration book is a selection of best spanking scene artworks by Laurent Lebeau. 3 chapters illustrate before, during and after a good spanking, flogging, caning or paddling! 
                                                          E-BOOK €10 

This book is a pot-pourri of 3 awesome stories talking about forced sissification and servitude. each stories are full illustrated 

Welcome to the Private FemDom House is a short novel (about 90 pages) Laurent Lebeau has written. A ageplay lover just arrived at the institute and taken in charge by the Suprem Ruler Mistress Charlyn who is an excellent sissificator! 
E-BOOK 10€

Nice selection of forced sissification illustrated by Laurent Lebeau. Lot of full colorful and black/white artworks 
E-BOOK €10

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