samedi 28 juillet 2018

FEMDOM BALL 2019 London

October 6th 2018 London

Laurent Lebeau (And Bottom Up Mag) will  be part of the Sponsor of the Annual Femdom Ball organized by the stunning and awesome Madam Caramel!

In fact, I will be there this next Ocotber 5th 2019. 

This prestigeous and magnificent event is a true celebration for the Female Supremacy and it is very well attended all the year long. A true meeting with the most famous Mistresses from all over the World

More infos there

mardi 17 juillet 2018

7 months and a good 2200 hours of work after, there is the longest work of Laurent Lebeau just released and the 204 pages of the English version/French Version is now on sale as E-Book (PDF). The story found its inspiration from the first short story "The Slaves prison" than a certain Madam Yo (Pure inspiration of the real Japanese Mistress Natsuki) created for all slaves and sissies… On that comic book! This Mistress got a huge power over the World and the government financed her to build a huge fortress because the very high criminality in the country! The only thing is when you enter as prisonner in the Fortress, your life is between the hands of that cruel and merciless Mistress… 
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vendredi 8 juin 2018

Due to a total reorganization of our edition, we stop the publication of Bottom Up Magazine and its French version Dressage! Indeed, we are in the project to create a general website with a subscription system. The current website in partnership with Kapljes does not answer at all with our expectations, we are obliged to stop this association. We will contact you as soon as our edition will be back to the magazines!

dûe à une totale réorganisation de notre édition, nous arrêtons momentanément la publication de Bottom Up Magazine et de sa version Française Dressage! En effet, nous sommes dans le projet de créer un site général avec un systême d'abonnement. Le site actuel en partenaire avec Kapljes ne répond pas du tout avec nos attentes, nous sommes obligés de rompre cette association. Nous vous contacterons dès que notre édition reprendra les magazines!

dimanche 25 mars 2018

Just Released !!!! 
It was such an exciting time to make that interview of the french Dominatrix Lady Alizée and we have reserved that new issue on that them as she loves chastity and Kinky latex/leather clothes. 
On the contents, we also are tlaking about gynarchy, a complete review about the project Dragon Circle and much more 
Version Française (cliquez sur la couverture ci-dessous)

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lundi 5 mars 2018

BOTTOM UP Magazine issue 13, coming soon!

In this new issue, we will make a tour in France by meeting the awesome, beautiful Lady Alizée we have interviewed! She is one of the most important supporter of Bottom Up Mag and a greatest fetichist of the parisian scene!
Other interesting subjects are also offered in the contents as
- Chastity - an another way to dominate
-Gynarchy: Utopia or reality
A review about the Dragon's Circle social femdom club in Osaka
and much more to discover
Keep posted!  

lundi 4 décembre 2017

             BOTTOM UP MAGAZINE issue 12
                         Just released
                          of our Magazine
Yes! 3 years the magazine was launched and we are happy to still existing! This issue will feature a Special FEMDOM in Berlin with the complete reveiw about AVALON RESIDENZ and a exclusive double interview of the both owners Lady Marlon & Lady Mercedes!
Like promised! A full review of the famous FEMDOM BALL LONDON and many other kinky subject


mardi 10 octobre 2017

FEMDOM BALL 2017 Glamorous! Beautiful

Femdom Ball 2017 Glamourous and so beautiful!!!
Bottom Up Magazine team made the trip to London, this last October 7th, for our first participation to the annual event THE FEMDOM BALL offered by Madam Caramel (one of the most important personalities of the English and international BDSM Scene!) Let us tell you the event was gorgeous and we are ready to come back next year! Madam Caramel did a really good job! All the guests were awesome and the venue fabulous!

We were very surprised by the warm welcome from Mistress Evilyne who cooperated to the event and I cannot forget all the team! The logistic was well thought! We plunged into real Femdom and gynosupremacy world! All Mistresses coming from USA, Canada and many European corners were very stunning. We can only thank Madam Caramel and Mistress Evilyne for that magical event and a full review about the party will be published in our next Bottom Up Magazine issue! We still have stars in our eyes!!! 
                                                            Photo: Femdom Ball