vendredi 3 mars 2017

Slave Views artbook remasterized

               Slave views Art Book remasterized ...
                           Just released!
 Our publication has totally reviewed the "best viewed" book from Laurent Lebeau ArtBook Slave views on a more professional and beautiful design. It was done on the focus to make a nice printed book! But you can have it now as E-BOOK (3D is the must!). The video we have launched on YouTube is reaching the 170.000 views! That we could call it a nice success!

                    Click to Watch the video

Now we offering the E-book for a nice price of 10€ Only and this offer is limited until April 1st! It will be a nice support for the artist and help him to finance his artshows as some are scheduled in Japan and in the U.S
 Here some views on the remasterized book!!! Enjoy

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