samedi 22 avril 2017

"The Red Castle" E- book soon released!

Soon Released!!!
This project started in 2012 and it is soon released as a gorgeous E-Book of near 140 pages!
Since the creation of Bottom Up Magazine, we have published it episodically in our issues and we are glad to notice that "Adult Graphic Novel" (Sorry we cannot say anymore "Comic book" due to the anti porn laws) make a good success by the readers! In fact, that story is a pure inpsiration from the real OWK femdom kingdom where Laurent Lebeau went many times and you will feel it on each page of that story!   

 Another book was published about that fictive Femdom Heaven! "Interview at Red Castle" is a short novel and it was like a presentation of all the Top Mistresses working in the domain and get interviewed by a BDSM magazine. As you may have seen, this previous book is fully illustrated. You can get it HERE
The genesis of that Adult graphic Novel was from a short comic titled "First day at Red Manor" which was published in few magazines on the begining of 2000's. It was just an essay but the author wanted to give a better way to feature many aspects of BDSM and slavery by reviewing the scenario. "Red Castle" is a kind of permanent story where you can follow Slave Allan in training daily. A second issue will be in project! The first one will be soon released and we strongly suggest you to keep an eye on it's release!

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