jeudi 27 avril 2017

The Red castle comic book just released!!!

  The Red Castle Comic Book is released!!!
 Yes! We are proud to present you the longest Adult Graphic Novel (Comic book) realized and created by Laurent Lebeau! And let us to tell you this is a real masterpiece! If you read Bottom Up Magazine since the begining, you have seen épisodes in each of our issues. This time this is a full E-Book of 140 pages!
 A pure inspiration of the infamous OWK! The Red Castle is training submissive men into real slavery with a team of stunning, gorgeous and really merciless Mistresses. Slave Allan has been sent by his wife and Mistress owner to that institute the author has set in Slovakia and created by a rich woman: Madam Raven! To launch the book, we offer you a discounted price of 15€ ONLY until next May 30th! Jump on that offer because the official price will be 19€!!!
Don't miss this 140 pages book! This part 1 will be followed by a second one! featuring new other Mistresses and following the cruel Madam Krista, madam Valentina or again Madam Irina
You can puchase this E-BOOK now!
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